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What are AKC Limited and Full AKC Registrations?

Both of these options ensure that your puppy is AKC registered.

The two main differences are price and purpose.

Limited AKC Registration

Limited Registration is also often referred to as "pet only" registration. Limited AKC is the option most people take if their puppy will be a family pet and will not be used to breed/reproduce. As an incentive for our puppies to enter "pet only" homes, we offer Limited Registration at a lower price with almost every AKC litter.

So, in a nutshell:

  • Limited AKC Registration is less expensive for the puppy's new family.

  • Limited AKC Registration is for pets, and not breeding dogs. Puppies born from a parent with Limited AKC registration can not be registered with AKC.

  • Limited AKC dogs can compete in AKC-sponsored events at shows such as Obedience and Agility

Full AKC Registration

Full AKC Registration should be chosen if a puppy's new family plans to show in AKC breed/conformation shows or to breed their Boston Terrier in the future. Full AKC Registration price is typically higher than the other option (above).

So, in a nutshell:

  • Full AKC Registration typically costs more than the other option (Limited), above.

  • Full AKC Registration is available for an additional fee of $500.

  • Full AKC Registration is the correct choice if a puppy will be shown in AKC breed or conformation shows or if the puppy will reproduce in the future.

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