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 If you have bought a puppy from us and would like to add your testimony to this page, email me as to what you want it to say. I will add a picture of your dog beside your testimony if you send me a picture of what he/she looks like now. Thanks


Dear Dream Pet Kennels,
We can't believe it's been 3 1/2 years since we adopted the twins.  Doti and Dori (short for Adorable), are 2 of the best pets anyone could have.  They were easy to train and as others have stated, they have trained us.  They sleep with a human every night but we wouldn't change it.  When we visited your home to choose a puppy for our youngest daughter we came home with the papers for 2.  Santa had called and informed us that you had some great puppies that would be ready for a Christmas morning delivery.  Our youngest had spoken privately with him about needing a puppy.  Our oldest wanted nothing to do with dogs.  (Highly afraid of them.)  But we decided to get the twins and we have not regretted one day. She loves her dog. Dori is very mothering toward Doti.  Dori loves to swim but Doti enjoys watching from the sidelines.  If Doti does get in the pool, Dori monitors the whole time with the instinct of a mom.  They do everything together including chewing on the same bone from time to time at the same time.  We are so thankful for your wonderful kennel and the puppies you offer.  Our family continues to watch your website to see who is up for adoption.    We hope to see you in the future for another adoption because some days we like our puppies more than we like other people. Dori is on the left ( she looks just like their dad- Bandit)
Doti is on the right (she looks just like their mom)
And yes Doti's ears are always one up one down but she switches out which one will be up. Best dogs ever!        ~Melody~


 We wanted to take the time to thank DeeDee and Dreampet Kennels for bringing us our two Boston’s Murphy and Izzy. They are our first Boston’s and we could not be happier. Murphy and Izzy have the best little personalities and are such good dogs. They are both very smart and are always making us laugh. We also get compliments all the time on how good looking they are.  We had only intended on having one dog and had Murphy for a year. We fell so in love with him  and had such a great experience, we wanted to have another and adopted Izzy almost a year after Murphy. We feel so lucky we have them both and can’t imagine life without them!      ~Megan~




 Hello, My name is April and we have purchased two different puppies from DeeDee. She was a pleasure to work with and did things that she didn't have to do to make a "new mommy" to be happy. She informed us that she would start calling our pup by the name we told her so he would get used to it, and she sent us updated pics anytime I asked. Our first, Max, is now 4 years old. He is the well mannered and calm one. Our second, May, is 1 1/2, and she is a rambunctious puppy still. She is a "tom boy" true to heart and has such a good spirit and is a complete joy. When we decided to get a second there was no question in our minds of where to go. When trying to decide to on which one to pick, they allowed us to bring Max into their home to have him help choose. When there is ever a need for another dog, we will absolutely be coming back to see DeeDee and family.              ~April~



 We got two puppies from Dreampet Kennel in December 2012. What a wonderful Christmas present these little bundles of joy brought to us! Sonny and Rome are so sweet and loving and always can ensure to put a smile on anyone's face. While Sonny lives in New Jersey with my mother and Rome lives with me and my boyfriend in Massachusetts, they always remember each other and play so well together. We cannot thank DeeDee Stevenson and her family enough for bringing these amazing little dogs into our lives.      ~Sarah~


 Just updating you on our Boston Terrier that we bought from you in September 2009. Pepper is happy and healthy and enjoys her BFF Maggie (our daughter's Boston). I have attached a picture of the two of them at Christmas. Pepper has such a sweet nature and is a well loved member of our family. Pepper is on the right. Maggie is on the left.     ~Rhonda~

I just wanted to write and let you guys know how much of a joy our dog Charlotte has been. Charlotte came from Daisy and Banjo’s litter that was born on May 12 2017 (she just turned 1 today!). She has been a ball full of energy and sass since the day we picked her up! Our Mastiff had passed away and we felt a huge void in our family. She was exactly what we needed. She is very smart, sometimes almost too smart! She is very social and loves her adopted brother that we added to our family about 5 months ago. We just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful dog!       ~Cheryl and Ken~
 I purchased my Lilly from you last March and wanted to let you know how wonderful and loved she is. Lilly turned one year old January 15. She is my baby. Lilly is the most beautiful, loving, smart, and happy dog I have ever seen. I lost my husband in 2015 and Lilly has brought such happiness to me. She has such a funny personality and you never know what she is going to get in to next. Anyone that sees her has to stop and pet her and talk about how gorgeous she is. She does not meet a stranger. Lilly loves everyone and whether you like it or not you are going to get a kiss. She has lots of toys and it is nonstop play. She loves walks on the beach and loves to chase the waves and run after her frisbie. But once she gets tired at night she likes to sit by me and watch television. Yes. Television. Especially if there are dogs or cats on the screen. She even tries to talk to them. Lilly is totally amazing. I am so glad I found your website and brought her home that day in March. Words can’t describe how much she is loved or how loving she is.             ~Linda H.~

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that Pixie Doodle is settling in very well here with us, she's happy and growing fast. We couldn't love her more.     ~Helene D.~
Just wanted to say thank you very much for bringing Cai into our lives. She is doing really well and going to puppy school. She is a very quick study ��. Here are some pictures of her. She loves to cuddle and is now cutting her teeth so she is chewing her really well. I have to say her favorite toy is an empty water bottle.   Thanks again and have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...
Larry and Martina G.

 Hello, we picked up Porscha on 1/2/2016 and she has been a wonderful Boston Terrier.Full of life and spirit and weighing in at a healthy 20lbs.She is sociable and quick to learn and loves friendly playtime with her older and younger step siblings Ender and Charlie.Dealing with DeeDee was a breeze and we thank you for a wonderful addition to our family.            ~Jason and Katheryn~                             

I just wanted to thank you for bringing Winnie into my home.  She just turned 7 months and is the sweetest puppy I could ever ask for.  Everyone in the neighborhood loves her, especially the kids, and she loves the attention.  The staff at the vet has also fallen in love with her and she is a joy to come home to every day.  She grew very quickly from 6 pounds when she arrived to just over 15 pounds.  I just wanted you to know that she is doing well and I am so happy that I purchased her through your business.   ~Mary Ann~

 We bought Max in September 2013 as a gift to ourselves on our way home from our 20th anniversary trip in Asheville. His mother was Patches and father was Banjo.  He’s an adorable brindle color and has been such great addition to our family. He will be 3 years old on July 24, 2016! He loves playing with our 12 year old pug, Buddy.  Max is the smartest dog we have ever had. He was so easy to train, doesn’t shed much and is so easy to groom and keep clean! We love our little Max! We would highly recommend a Boston Terrier to anyone looking for a great house dog! Thank you to Dream Pet Kennels!     ~Mandy~


 I bought a puppy from you. She was born May 3rd from Oreo and Banjo. I think you sold me the cutest sweetest smartest puppy ever! We named her Nali. Unfortunately my fiance and I are no longer together and I moved back home to Maryland. She has truly been a Godsend in helping me get through this hard time. She loves playing with other dogs bigger than her and is so full of energy. She is such a sweetheart. Thank you again! Everyone always asks where I got her so if you get any buyers from Maryland I probably sent them. Hope you are doing well and staying safe with all the rain and flooding.      ~Carmen~


 I just wanted to tell you thank you from the bottom of our hearts for such a blessing. Every since we've had Jameo he has brought nothing but joy and love to our family. He is full of energy, friendly, and loves playing fetch (all the time). We said that we were going to ensure we let you guys know how appreciative we are for gaining an awesome companion! Now he is off to new adventures when our family moves to Hawaii coming this summer!! I just know he will love the beach and the great adventures to come!! Thanks again and God bless!                ~The Kendrick Family~


We surprised our kids with a photo of "Gimli" for Christmas in Dec. of 2015 - since he was not quite old enough to leave home.  We picked him up in January and he is one of the family now!  We have all been a part of his training and he has us trained, too!  He loves to fetch, sleep in the sun, and ride in the car.  When he hears anyone pick up the car keys, he is ready for action!  We cannot imagine life without our amazing Gimli!  Thanks for a great dog!             ~Rebecca~

 Hi just wanted to let you know I got Axel from y'all 6 months ago and I love him he's so fun to teach tricks to. My favorite one so far is play dead. He still has the toy you let him go home with as seen in the picture I hope to get another Boston from y'all soon.                ~Leann~                                                 


 I just wanted to thank you for giving us the sweetest puppy! Our Penelope is a snuggler and she adores the cats (even when they want nothing to do with her!) She's also extremely smart and beautiful!   I just wanted to let you know how glad we are that we found you guys! Thank you!         ~Elyse & Alex~


 I just wanted to say THANK YOU for our Norrie. She's only 3 months old now but she is already crate trained, knows "sit," "jump," "get in your bed," and has the most adorable "I'm in so much trouble" look when she has an accident in the house. She loves her big brother, Harley, who is a 4 yr. old standard poodle. They play together constantly and keep us laughing!  Norrie is so wild and crazy, her first nickname was "Taz" - as in Tasmanian devil. My 8 yr. old cat, Ringo, is twice Norrie's size, and patiently puts up with having his face washed and being pounced on by that little ball of energy. But Norrie loves to snuggle, too. So thank you for this healthy, sweet, beautiful, smart, happy little girl!         ~Paula~


 Lillie is the most wonderful addition to our family!! Her personality is one of a kind, and she has been so healthy. She is also great with children, she visits and plays with my friends twin boys. They play on a special needs baseball team that she has visited too!    ~Jessica~


 Amelia is a treasure. She is a very well socialized dog since day 1. She loves children. She plays well with other dogs and is very affectionate. She has taken well to obedience lessons. Just perfect. Thank You.  ~Tonya~


 Latte the most smartest and sweetest dog ever. She is the right fit for my family, she's great to the kids and loved by all of us. Every morning, Latte who sleeps with my eldest son, comes to my husband and I to say good morning. Then she heads to the other kids to greet them as well. We call Latte the circus dog because she loves to be on her legs. She and I dance and she loves it. She leaned the standard "sit", "play dead", ticks very quickly. In the beginning, we did crate train her but by the time she turned one year old we decided to let her loose around the house. Best decision ever! She roams freely through out the house even when we're not home.  She is always at the door waiting to greet us as we come home. Latte is very lean and healthy. We feed her royal canon mini adult food and it keeps her teeth and her coat looking healthy. When we take latte for walks, everyone comments on her beauty. Thank you so much for Latte. We couldn't be happier and more complete as a family.   ~Elizabeth~


 Benelli doing wonderful and a perfect addition to our family!!  We love her!  And she's spoiled for sure!      ~Kelli~

 I got a pup from you in October, and we LOVE her SO much!! Her name is Gypsy, and she is a BALL OF ENERGY!! So we are thinking about maybe getting her a playmate to help wear her out a bit!!! She just LOVES other dogs, as well as kids, and... actually she just loves everyone and everything! lol. She is so happy, such a sweetheart, and such a cuddler.    ~Bridie~



  Just wanted to give you an update on Piglet! She is super loving, wild, and crazy! She's quite the Sassy Pants!
  She gets quite the attitude if you don't play the way she wants to LOL! She knows what "good girl" and "no" means. She responds to both of those very well. She can also run up the stairs to our apartment! She plays fetch now. Well, sort of. She will run after the toy, and bring it back, or bring a different toy, and sometimes she runs back empty handed, haha. We are working on it! She's learning!
  She met my parents 6 year old standard poodle today. He is a giant! 33" tall and 80lbs. Super sweet.  He was my first dog. At first Piglet was unsure about him, but then she wanted to play with his curly hair! Turns out he is afraid of her, WEIRD!
Anyway, enough of my rambling. Piglet sends kisses your way! (PS she licks Non stop!) Here are some pictures and videos- she is so wonderful.         ~Tayler~



 This is Gabbie two year old boston we got from you all. She is the best dog we have ever owned. Extremely charismatic and truly wants to be with her family at all times. She is amazing with our children and they love her soooo much. Gabbie goes everywhere with us and loves to swim in the lake, play fetch and she will perform any tricks for a treat. Really easy to house train and she really is part of our family. We will be getting another boston from you all in a year or so!   Thank u thank u thank u!!     ~Kyle~

 I found an ad that had Boston Terriers for sale...I had just lost my Boston Oreo and I was so lost...I called DeeDee and she was very helpful...My daughter and I drove to SC to see these puppies...and of course I fell in love...I bought a male whom I named Yogi and he is healthy and beautiful...I am so happy I found DeeDee and my puppy...great breeders and I highly recommend them     ~Sharon~



 We adopted cookies #7 last August. We named him Rex and was nicknamed "the sexy beast" by the ladies in the vet's office. He has been a great addition to our family and to our 8 year old daughter who has combined type ADHD. They are the best of friends. Thanks for a great transaction and above all else a fantastic, healthy Boston Terrier.      ~Melissa~     


 Hey I bought a pup from you last June and I just wanted to say that she is so AMAZING and we love her to death. Athena as brought so much joy into this family. She's always doing silly things and making us laugh, she puts a smile on everyone's face and when we go out everyone always stops me to ask about her. Athena loves attention and she's very social to she loves everybody and I wanted to thank you and your family for blessing us with such an incredible gift like her. I'm also looking forward to my next pup.   ~Matraca~


 On Saturday September 15, 2012 I met DeeDee and picked up what has turned out to be my best friend and companion. Roxanna Rox which I call Roxee. She is my first Boston Terrier, but there is no doubt in my mind that I will ever have anything else.  She was so easy to train and quickly became my constant companion. I speak to her as if she is a person and she responds as if the english language was breed into her. It is very hard to explain. On Thanksgiving of 2012, only a few short weeks after picking her up she swallowed a fish hook which punctured and hung in her esophagus. I was terrified but knew that I would do anything i could to save her. The next day we were not given the best odds of saving her but she had already made her place in our home and our hearts. That afternoon she had thoracic surgery and was hospitalized for 4 days. I could never fully express the appreciation and gratitude to Dr. Phillips of Commerce Veterinary Hospital for saving her life. She has grown up to be so full of personality. A friend ask me one day while sitting in my car "why is the dog looking at me like i am sitting in her seat?" I simply smiled and replied "because you are!" DeeDee I can not thank you enough for the wonderful blessing your kennel brought into my life.       ~Michelle~


 Lily is the best thing that could of happen to us, she is much loved and chirshed at are home. She is one of a kind dog with a great personality an very smart. Lily spends most of her time playing with the kids an her friend Lila that u see in picture three. Lily loves to carry around her blanket, she has had this blanket every since we got her, an yes she carries it or drags it every where , when resting lily nurses on it so cute lol. Lily sleeps in bed with my husband an I every night right between us normal routine for her she loves being covered up an lay's her head on pillow. Lily sits and speaks to get a treat, she does not like lighting or thunder you will find her typically under my daughters bed. Lily loves going out on the boat an swimming, sometimes I think she thinks she's human. My husband calls her Willie I don't know why but he does an she comes to both names lol, My Family couldn't ask for a better dog I'm so glad I found her she is everything an more that we wanted as a dog an part of family.       ~Kyndra~


 Hello :) My name is Laythi, and I got my Charlie from you back in February. I just wanted to let you know that he is perfect! He is such a good puppy. He is very friendly and smart. I could not have asked for a better dog. Thank you so much!    ~Laythi~


 This is our sweet little boy Turbo. He has been such a great addition to our family. Our three daughters just love him and so do we.        ~Christy~



This photo of Henry is so cute I had to share it with you.  He is a wild little thing...very playful, but he does have his sweet, relaxed moments.  He and my little kitty get along so well...can't keep the cat away from Henry.  Henry will be 3 in April but still seems like a puppy.
 Hope you are all well.  Henry is my love...very good dog.     ~Sara~